How to Become a Youtuber that Makes Money, Only with HP

How to become a YouTuber on HP more and more studied today. Youtuber is someone who has a channel or channel on YouTube and filled it with various videos such as vlogs, tutorials and so on.

menjadi youtuber Cara Menjadi Youtuber yang Menghasilkan Uang, Hanya Bermodal HP

YouTuber profession began to demand because it was considered to be used as a source of income. Many famous youtuber in Indonesia who have fantastic income values ​​from youtube such as Atta Halilintar and Ria Ricis. They even made YouTube a main profession.

How to Become a Beginner Youtuber Only HP

Do you want to follow in the footsteps of the YouTubers above but don’t have complete video equipment? Don’t be inferior. In fact, with just a cellphone, you can become a youtuber and drain the coffers of rupiah into your account. Here are some ways to become a beginner youtuber of mobile capital that can be easily learned and can be applied immediately, namely:

# 1. Original and Interesting Ideas

The way to become a YouTuber that produces HP capital money is to be creative. If you have a lack of equipment to produce quality videos, then you must have the advantage of creating original and interesting ideas and content. Frequently to do research and research in order to get more brilliant ideas.

Ideas are the most important things for you to have. Even though there are many out there who are equipped with sophisticated equipment and equipment, not necessarily they can create something creative. Herein lies your strength.

# 2. Always Monitor Recent Trends

Make sure you always follow the developments around you. All the latest trends and ideas that emerge from other youtuber can be used as input or trigger their own ideas. However, it is not recommended to be a trend follower because it will only make your channel the same as other channels.

You can create content with the same material, but it’s better if you can process it with a container that is slightly different or use another perspective. Thus, you can still follow the trend that is booming or popular while still being able to make interesting and unique content.

# 3. Create Useful Content

Lots of YouTuber are scattered but not all really have a useful channel. If you want your channel to be liked for a long time, create a channel with content, knowledge and provide good knowledge. Channels like this will last longer because the material is useful.

A channel that is only pursuing a momentary profit will appear careless and not well coordinated. They only follow what the public is watching. In fact, if those who are busy are trivial content, it is not impossible that they will still emulate it. What’s in the mind of the Youtuber is just how the video is watched by many people even though it doesn’t provide benefits.

# 4. Upload Videos Consistently

Wanting a success must be balanced with effort that is done wholeheartedly body and soul. If you want the youtube channel to have many subscribers, don’t stop to create new and creative content. Make a regular schedule for uploading a new video.You can make it once a week, once a month or two weeks. If you regularly do content updates, the YouTube channel will get attention.

# 5. Make a Display of More Professional Channels

The way to become a beginner youtuber of capital of HP to be successful in getting money is to make the channel look more professional, classy and quality. You can edit directly from the cellphone. One way is to make the profile look more attractive and unique. A professional profile will make people believe that the youtuber is really high quality and the video it produces is also not playing games.

# 6. Improve Video Quality

Even if you only use your cellphone, you can do the video editing process. Today, there are many free applications available for editing photos or videos. You just need to download it from Google Play. Strengthen your ability in terms of video editing.Although only using an HP camera with limited features, a simple video with a powerful editor can be a high-value video.

If you have trouble editing using your cellphone, you can also use a laptop to get maximum results. There are so many ways you can do to get better video quality. You have to really apply this because the quality of the video is a long-time determinant or whether a viewer wants to see a uploaded video. The better the quality of the video, the more happy the audience lingers watching.

# 7. Frequently Share to Other Social Media

Don’t be bored to share or promote YouTube channels on other social media. How to become a YouTuber only capital Android mobile does not limit you in widening the marketing wing. The more often promoting Youtube channels, the more likely your friends on social media see it and then visit it.

Don’t be shy about doing promotions. Remember that your goal is to make money. As long as the video has good content and does not break the rules, you must be proud and never tired of promoting. You have to be able to make interesting ad language so that people become curious.

# 8. Master the Technique of Increasing the Number of Spectators

How to become a YouTube with only the next mobile capital is that you have to master the techniques for making videos that can appear on the start page of the search. If someone types in a keyword related to your content, your video will answer by appearing on the main page. It’s not easy to do this either. You must learn more knowledge and procedures for doing it.

# 9. Invite Viewers to Share Your Channel

In addition to doing promotions on all social media accounts, the way to become a YouTube partner is to ask viewers, friends, relatives or family to take part in the success of your YouTube channel. The trick is to help, recommend and share your videos with their other friends. The more people who help share, the more chances your video will be watched.

# 10. Keep Up and Don’t Break Up

Nowadays, a lot of new YouTubers are appearing. Therefore, many youtuber who carry a similar theme or idea are even exactly the same. In addition to the many competition among youtuber, the latest provisions or regulations from Youtube also seem to be quite a big challenge. You have to meet the targets requested by YouTube such as the number of viewers and the length of time the video is watched to make money from it.

Being a Youtuber is no longer easy. However, you don’t need to be discouraged. How to become a youtuber at HP so that you earn a lot of money is not easily discouraged.Hang in there and keep on producing new creativity for the YouTube channel.

Those are some guidelines and how to become a YouTuber on HP that can be followed. If you want to go through each point, surely your channel will become famous and of course it will flow the rupiah values ​​into a savings account. So, don’t hesitate because of the limitations of the tools, keep on creating with all the creativity and fresh ideas.


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